Always wash your hands before caring for your tattoo

Keep you tattoo bandaged for around 4-6 hours after the initial tattoo procedure

Wash your tattoo at least once daily, with warm water and antibacterial soap using only your hands, do not use anything abrasive like a loofah or washcloth

After washing, gently pat the tattoo dry with a paper towel

If you bandage your tattoo overnight, use plastic wrap only, no lotion, and wash it in the morning. 

A thin layer of unscented lotion can be used to moisturize your tattoo, as needed, when it feels dry.

Avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, baths, and natural swimming areas for the first two weeks after the initial tattoo procedure.

Keep pets away from the affected area.

Allow scabs to flake off naturally, do no pick at them. It is normal for your tattoo to become itchy during this time, avoid scratching. Applying a thin layer of unscented lotion often helps soothe the itch.

Avoid contact with gym equipment, contact sports, and other activities that might put your tattoo at risk of infection

Average healing time is 1-2 weeks.